We're kind of fascinated by kickers around here. There was the whole Blair Walsh saga followed by the Kai Forbath era followed by Forbath getting cut in training camp after Daniel Carlson was drafted followed by Carlson getting released after his miserable day in Green Bay.

And the Packers have been through some rough spots with veteran Mason Crosby while deciding to stick with him.

In Chicago, though, kicker Cody Parkey had an amazing Sunday afternoon in the Bears 34-22 victory over Detroit. Basically, he left eight points off the scoreboard for the Bears by hitting the uprights four times -- on two extra points and two field goal tries.

Want to watch? Of course you do.

Afterward, Parkey told the Chicago Tribune's Colleen Kane: "I don’t think I’ve hit the post four times in my whole life, and I’ve been kicking for about 15 years, so it’s almost comical."

There were more than a few boos from the stands directed at Parkey, who signed a four-year contract before the season started. But Bears coach Matt Nagy said there was "zero chance" the team would be trying out kickers this week, even though he went for two points after a final touchdown to keep Parkey from a five-peat.

Nagy said in the Tibune article: “It doesn't affect me going forward, but it affected me today. And he knew that. In my head, there's a balance of showing trust to him by putting him back out there, but then there's also a level of understanding what’s best for the team. Sometimes you just have those days. So my trust is not shot at all with him. I know everybody else is going to feel that way, and I get it and that’s OK. But … he’s going to hit some big kicks for us just like he did last week.”

So that'll make one more story line to follow Sunday night when the Bearts and Vikings play at Soldier Field, (Like you needed one more reason to watch.)

You can read the full article here.

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