CEO Pay Watch Supervalu Inc.

Sam Duncan, president and CEO

Total compensation: $4,057,987 for the year ended Feb. 28

Salary: $1,528,846

Non-equity incentive pay: $1,745,294

Other compensation: $125,180

Value realized on vesting shares: $658,667

New stock options: 664,011

Total shareholder return: 52.7 percent

Note: Duncan took home 58 percent more pay than he did in fiscal 2014 mainly because his incentive pay more than doubled. The company had increased the potential amount he could earn in an annual bonus from 100 percent to 120 percent of his salary. Supervalu hit 97 percent of the company’s fiscal 2015 financial targets, allowing Duncan to earn nearly the maximum amount of that award.

Duncan was named CEO in February 2013. During his first year, the company was focused on stabilizing revenue. In fiscal 2015, Duncan was able to lead strategic investments in the company’s three main business segments.

Patrick Kennedy