Andersen Windows & Doors is launching a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign as part of its first rebranding effort in a decade.

The Bayport-based company’s new logo, tagline and ad campaign are designed to refresh the brand and better reach homeowners and celebrate their stories, officials announced Wednesday.

The campaign includes ads on TV, radio and social media including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. The advertisements will feature inspiring stories of homeowners enjoying the moments they create inside their homes through the lens of their Andersen windows and doors, officials said.

This series of ads will differ greatly than an older set of Andersen ads from 2018 that featured the tradesmen and builders who traditionally install the windows and door products, officials said.

For example, the first of the ads hit YouTube on Wednesday, featuring a little girl playing with a dollhouse that had many rooms, including one sad room with no window. The commercial shows the girl running to get her mom and some tools. She soon cuts a new glowing window into the dollhouse as happy music plays in the background.

That and other ads begin running in other venues nationwide in April with the new Andersen logo.

The updated logo flaunts the company’s historic orange and black triangles but rearranges them to create an upward facing “shield” or triangle. In Greek, the shape symbolizes an “opening” or “doorway” and strength, said Chief Marketing Officer Annie Zipfel during a phone interview.

She said the new design eliminated the letters AW from the logo, because the company does so much more than just make Andersen Windows. Lastly, the refreshed logo adopts the tagline, “Andersen Windows & Doors. Love the life you see.”

The changes — which include new fonts and capitalized letters — “contemporize” the brand while giving a nod to the company’s past and its future, Zipfel said. The last companywide rebranding effort was roughly 10 years ago and so “it was time,” she said. “We are so excited.”

Andersen CEO and Chairman Jay Lund noted the 117-year old manufacturer always strove to make doors and windows that were “different and better” than competing products in an effort to become America’s premier window and door manufacturer.

The rebranding campaign is the latest investment for the fast-growing Andersen. In the last few years, the privately held company has expanded plants in Bayport and Cottage Grove. This year, it will finish constructing a new $105 million factory and distribution center in Goodyear, Ariz.

Those growth projects follow the 2018 sale of Andersen’s large Silver Line and American Craftsman doors and window line to Ply Gem for $190 million. That sale, which at the time represented about 15% of Andersen’s revenue and a third of its workforce, closed in the fourth quarter of 2018.