Sixty-four years old, the world’s oldest living tracked bird has returned to its nesting ground at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. This Layson Albatross so far has raised as many as 36 chicks. Officials at the refuge say the bird could be older. It depends on when she began breeding, usually when at least five years old. Wisdom was banded in 1956. Layson Albatross usually lay one egg. Incubation lasts 130 days. With a wingspan of seven feet, this species ranges far in search for food. It is estimated that in her lifetime Wisdom has flown about six million miles.


Some birders in South Dakota are expressing concern about the Great Kiskadee being seen south of Aberdeen. They worry that this tropical species will not survive winter weather. It has been suggested that the bird be captured, and either cared for or returned to its usual range. Other birders have pointed out that the kiskadee is most likely here because of a faulty navigation system. Giving the bird a chance to breed and pass that glitch to offspring is viewed as a bad idea. The kiskadee is on its own, so far with success. It was last reported as seen on Nov. 28.