A wonderful story about a man’s relationship with a Killdeer is on the back page of today’s (Friday) Outdoor section in the StarTribune. Dave Jacobson of Sauk Center writes of the trust built between himself and a nesting Killdeer, a relationship that stretched over three nesting seasons. Our relationship with birds is most often at arm’s length, observer and observed. Jacobson, with care and patience, had contact much more personal, built with patience and care. Open the site www.startribune.com and use the search box at the top of the page, search word killdeer.


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Jacobson calls the Killdeer his "portal" bird. Many of us have portal birds, the sighting or species that captured and focused our interest in or passion for birds. My portal bird is the flicker. What's yours?


Below, a Killdeer parent with three chicks, although not Jacobson's birds.


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