One in three students with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder does not receive any support services at school, said a national study of U.S. schoolchildren. The study — described as the largest of its kind — also found that at least one in five students with ADHD receives no school-based services even when the student experienced significant academic and social impairment. The gap appeared to be especially pronounced for youth from non-English-speaking or low-income families. Researchers were from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control and Prevention, Lehigh University and the University of Maryland.

Immunotherapy for breast cancer OK’d

The Food and Drug Administration approved the first immunotherapy drug for breast cancer. Swiss drugmaker Roche’s Tecentriq was approved for treating advanced triple-negative breast cancer, which accounts for about 15 percent of cases. Approved for two other cancers, Tecentriq boosts the immune system’s ability to spot and kill cancer cells. In a study of 900 women, the benefits were modest. Those who received Tecentriq and chemo went two months longer on average without their cancer worsening compared with those on chemo alone.

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