Members of the Minnesota media got an opportunity to watch tape with Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer today. What Zimmer said during that film session was off the record, but he did speak on the record afterward.

So of course Adrian Peterson came up. Maybe it was the clips from the 2014 season opener that reminded everyone that No. 28 is still on the team, and that Zimmer hadn't been asked about him in, oh, at least a day or two.

Zimmer has continued to talk with Peterson since meeting with the running back in Texas a couple of months ago, but he didn't offer up any details.

“I have,” Zimmer said. “I'm going to keep those conversations between us.”

Asked if he expected Peterson to be disruptive if he is disgruntled if and when he reports to Winter Park, Zimmer basically dismissed the question.

“There's a lot of its and nuts and candies and buts there,” the second-year coach said before adding, “I don't think there will be any issues, no.”

Peterson isn't required to show up at Winter Park until the mandatory minicamp next month. If he doesn't, the team can fine him.

Based on today's film session, Zimmer seems much more concerned right now with fixing the flaws of his 7-9 team than he is with the Peterson saga.

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