The NBA trading deadline came and went and the Wolves stood pat.

Not surprising, really, given the team's injury situation and its position in the standings. A short-term-fix didn't make any sense, with the playoffs almost certainly out of reach. 

And, clearly, president of basketball operations David Kahn didn't see a deal that would help the team long-term. 

So that means the Wolves will head to Oklahoma City with the same team that beat Philadelphia Wednesday night. 


Meanwhile, Wolves coach Rick Adelman missed practice to accompany his wife to a medical appointment. Assistant coach Terry Porter said he didn't know whether Adelman would be on the team charter to Oklahoma City. I will update the blog when I know. If he is not, he will fly commercial to Oklahoma City tomorrow. Either way, he's expected to be on the bench coaching for tomorrow's game. 


Jerry will be covering that game. So he'll be blogging tomorrow. Have a good afternoon.