If you thought social media was already self-indulgent, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Even though livestreaming has been around for years, a batch of new apps is bringing personal live video-streaming to the masses.

Last week, Twitter introduced a new app, Periscope. It joins a suddenly hot field of like-minded smartphone apps that allow users to beam out real-time video to their followers. Another one, Meerkat, made a splash recently with celebs such as Jimmy Fallon testing it out. (Both are free and available only for iPhones.)

Social networks such as Twitter are beloved for their voyeuristic qualities (that’s why Justin Bieber has 62 million followers). But we don’t need to see what everyone is doing all the time, do we?

So, who should use an app like Periscope? Or better yet — who shouldn’t? Here’s our list.


Approved users

1. Citizen journalists. Twitter and Instagram provided up-to-date action from eye witnesses on the ground in Ferguson, Mo., and other recent protests around the country. Apps such as Periscope and Meerkat would make that coverage instant.

2. Concertgoers. Attending Coachella, or some massive music fest? Your followers might like a live shot of Kanye West. Will the artists like this? Maybe not.

3. Certain celebrities. Some celebs have one-upped the paparazzi by letting fans in on their daily lives using these livestreaming apps. Trivial? Yes. But admit it: You’d watch Beyoncé brush her teeth.

Stop these people

1. That guy eating at Chipotle. Food pics are a staple of Twitter and Instagram. Periscope’s early adopters have followed suit, using the app to document the mundane task of eating lunch. Stop it.

2. Politicians trying to be cool. Social networks have been the downfall of many a politician. Just ask Anthony Weiner. An errant tweet is one thing. But live video? Tread lightly, politicos.

ø 3. Kim Kardashian. No explanation needed, right? □