Deals and more deals

The first day of the new NBA year on Sunday was a whirlwind of activity. Here were some of the names that made news:

Player 2018-19 team 2019-20 team Reported terms

Damian Lillard Portland Portland 4 years, $196M

Tobias Harris Philadelphia Philadelphia 5 years, $180M

Khris Middleton Milwaukee Milwaukee 5 years, $179M

Kevin Durant Golden State Brooklyn 4 years, $164M

Kristaps Porzingis Dallas Dallas 5 years, $158M

Kyrie Irving# Boston Brooklyn 4 years, $141M

Kemba Walker* Charlotte Boston 4 years, $141M

Jimmy Butler* Philadelphia Miami 4 years, $140M

Al Horford* Boston Philadelphia 4 years, $109M

Nikola Vucevic Orlando Orlando 4 years, $100M

Harrison Barnes Sacramento Sacramento 4 years, $85M

Malcom Brogdon* Milwaukee Indiana 4 years, $85M

Bojan Bodganovic Indiana Utah 4 years, $73.1M

Julius Randle New Orleans New York 3 years, $63M

Terry Rozier* Boston Charlotte 3 years, $58M

Terrence Ross Orlando Orlando 4 years, $54M

Brook Lopez Milwaukee Milwaukee 4 years, $52M

Ricky Rubio Utah Phoenix 3 years, $51M

Jonas Valanciunas Memphis Memphis 3 years, $45M

Thaddeus Young Indiana Chicago 3 years, $41M

DeAndre Jordan New York Brooklyn 4 years, $40M

J.J. Redick Philadelphia New Orleans 2 years, $26.5M

Rodney Hood Portland Portland 2 years, $16M


Note: Final team of 2018-19 listed; *-sign and trade; #-deal not completed