Slice, slice, baby. We asked Star Tribune readers to weigh in on their favorite Minnesota-made frozen pizzas. Thousands answered the call.

The results of the Saucy Sixteen are in, and while most of the heavyweights came out on top, one upset was absolutely chilling.

Keep your oven on: there are some exciting matchups ahead.

We’ve got Heggie’s vs. Lotzza Motzza and Sven & Ole’s vs. Bellatoria, giving two indies a shot at crushing a freezer-aisle Goliath. A Twin Cities showdown pits Mucci’s vs. Kowalski’s. And a local legend fights a national name, with Davanni’s vs. Red Baron.

It’s time for the Easy-Cheesy Eight. Vote now through 5 p.m. Monday at

But first, some analysis of our Saucy Sixteen.

Winning its match by a supreme margin was everybody’s homeslice, No. 3 seed Heggies Pizza. Voters burned Tony’s, sending Heggies on with 85% of the vote. Sizzling! Now, the Milaca, Minn.-made pie goes up against No. 6 Brew Pub Lotzza Motzza, another hot one. The supermarket stalwart from Maple Lake, Minn., won its own match against Askov’s Kettle River with 71% of the vote.

Meanwhile, dark horse No. 12 Sven & Ole’s, the pride of Grand Marais, knocked out St. Paul’s Wicked Pizza Co. by a 52-point margin. That upset had to cut dish deep. Can the restaurant from Up North take out Bellatoria (No. 4)?

No. 1 Mucci’s holds on to its top spot, but by the smallest margin of the tournament so far. The indie restaurant pie better watch out for No. 4 Kowalski’s, which won its match against Sabatasso’s with 75% of the vote. The Twin Cities grocery market is coming for the upper crust of frozen pizzas: Kowalski’s got over a thousand votes more than Mucci’s this time around. Let’s see if it can pull that off again, when it matters.

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