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Good morning and happy Saturday! The weekend links took a hiatus last weekend thanks to a RandBall vacation, meaning I've got two weeks of links to get through and no words to waste up top. On with the links!

*With the Twins in full swing - and losing five out of seven out East - the amount of must-read analysis out there is reaching epic proportions. I'm forced to go with a list, rather than a paragraph:

*The Sports Media Watch blog interviewed Charles Barkley, who is always fun. Here's Part one of the interview; here's part two.

*The NCAA is considering allowing its hockey players to wear visors instead of full face shields. Chris at Western College Hockey notes that the research shows this is a bad idea, at least in terms of safety and injuries, and really what other terms are there?

*And finally, we have two "and finally" links this week: the T-Wolves Blog wants to fix the lottery and actually has a workable, TV-friendly solution... and The Sports Economist has a serious take on the Australian Football League's slightly funny search for an American Aussie Rules star.

Sure, there's a lot there, but it's too humid to go outside anyway. Turn on the air conditioning and stay inside. (This message brought to you by the Very Low Threshold for Anger at Summer Heat organization.)