“It sounds a little weird … but it’s good to take some good licks, especially if you’ve been on the sidelines for awhile.”

Vikings quarterback Shaun Hill

Let’s start with an optimist

Vikes win the opener on the road, I’ll take it. Diggs could be a star, give him the dang ball. Harrison Smith is solid. Hill was good for a backup, but Bradford needs to step in next week.


Blair witch hunt begins

He’s the same inconsistent Blair Walsh you had last season. Finding a better kicker would have been a good idea. It’ll be tough to have a winning season with your kicker missing XPs and 37 yard chip-shots. — sldsld1

Well, except for his MVP season

This team’s best chance to win a Super Bowl this year is to play Bradford at QB use McKinnon as the “feature” back. This team’s never done anything while focusing on AP as its centerpiece. Not a thing. — caferev

Now, on to next week

Much more fun when the Packers and Vikings are both playing well. Should be a good smash-mouth game on Sunday night to open U.S. Bank. Let the chips fall where they may. A Packers fan. — TheEconomist