Remember the guy who looks a ton like Brett Favre, who caused a stir recently when he showed up to Packers camp wearing a Favre jersey? Turns out he's been found. And he says he wasn't trying to cause any trouble. He was just there to do the Super Bowl Shuffle? No, but he was just at camp to watch football.

Kirk Ermatinger is his name. He's from Wisconsin. And the biggest blow to The Gunslinger? His doppelganger is 47 years old! Here is a video from Green Bay's NBC affiliate. Among the highlights:

*He said he wasn't trying to fool anybody, and that the Favre jersey is the only Packers jersey he has.

*You know, even though he was signing autographs.

*The awesome TV voice of the guy doing the story.

Of course, this is a good lesson. There is a reason we don't wear our Jim Kleinsasser jersey to Vikings training camp. Sure we're both North Dakotans. Sure we both cut a hulking figure. But that doesn't mean we're the same person!