A 17-year-old was charged Tuesday for fatally shooting Da’Seion Pugh during a marijuana deal over the weekend in St. Paul.

Jamar A. Brown Jr., whose residence was redacted in his criminal complaint because he is a minor, is charged in Ramsey County District Court with second-degree murder drive-by shooting, second-degree murder without intent, two counts of second-degree assault, one count of first-degree aggravated robbery and one count of first-degree attempted aggravated robbery.

Prosecutors plan to certify him as an adult in the case.

Merion D. Denton, 19, of Bloomington, was charged Monday for allegedly driving Brown to and from the scene. He faces three counts of aiding an offender after the fact and three counts of aiding an offender to avoid arrest.

According to the criminal complaints: Pugh picked up two men on Saturday and drove them to Aurora Avenue and Marion Street in St. Paul so they could sell marijuana to someone known as “J-Rock,” who was later identified as Brown.

One of Pugh’s companions walked over to Brown’s vehicle, and the two returned and entered Pugh’s vehicle.

“They discussed drugs and money, then J-Rock pulled out a handgun and demanded the money and drugs,” the charges said. “J-Rock racked the slide and fired the gun.”

Pugh’s two companions fled the car. Pugh was opening the driver’s door to flee when Brown got out of the back seat, went to the front passenger side and allegedly fired through the open window at Pugh.

Pugh fled but collapsed and died between a multiunit residence and a tennis court on the 200 block of Aurora Avenue.

Brown rifled through the car and took two backpacks, the charges said. He had also received $250 from one of Pugh’s companions.

Pugh’s companions told police that Brown also took a gun that Pugh owned. Authorities later recovered the backpacks, prescription bottles and paperwork with Pugh’s name on them at a home belonging to Denton’s mother. The complaints do not mention recovery of any firearms.

Brown was later located at a hotel in Oakdale and arrested after fleeing on foot into a swamp. He declined to speak with police. Denton was arrested and allegedly admitted his role in the crime.

Pugh suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his back, left upper arm and left hand.