Apologies for no post game blog yesterday. Had to fly out of Cleveland and had wi-fi problems on both flights I ended up on. Is there an alternative to gogoinflight? We do not get what we pay for.

Anyway, here's a thought about Miguel Sano's chances of being on the wild card game roster.

The Twins have had one of baseball's best offenses. Entering yesterday's game against the Indians, the Twins led the majors in run scored and home runs since Aug. 1. That coincides with their run to the postseason.

Eddie Rosario, Eduardo Escobar and Byron Buxton have taken control of the middle of the order. Gone are the days when Paul Molitor batted Joe Mauer behind Sano because he was the only one capable of giving him protection.

The Twins will head to New York for a wild card game against the Yankees with its offense being the best thing going for them. It will not hurt having another bat around, provided that Sano is ready to contribute.

And that's why they should not slow play this Sano thing. 

Update: Twins have reinstated Sano from the disabled list

Even if it's true that Sano was nervous about doing further damage to the stress reaction in his left shin, this is not the time to revoke his man card. The Twins need to find out, quickly, if he can help them on Tuesday.

Sano should hit in a simulated game TODAY to see where he is at. 

If he arrives at the park on Saturday feeling fine, he should be ACTIVATED and used as a pinch hitter.

If he handles that well. He should START at designated hitter on Sunday, in the regular season finale against the Tigers.

Then you put him on the plane to New York, meet on Monday and make a decision. If he has a setback, shut him down. But the potential of having Sano available is signifgant in a Game 163-like scenario.

If the Twins take 10 pitchers to New York, that means they can have six bench players. I like Niko Goodrum as a person. Reaching the majors this season after several years in the organization is commendable. 

But I'll take Sano if I need one big swing in the late innings over the second utility player in a one-game, there's-no-tomorrow, win-or-go-home scenario.

According to the various specialists who have examined Sano, the Twins have taken the right path with Sano's recovery. And all indications are that the pain has subsided.

The Twins are going to learn very little about where Sano is at until they get him to face live pitching. A simulated game is not enough evidence to go on. Get him in games. The Twins are in the postseason, they can't improve their position, so there is nothing to play for. And they are playing a Tigers team that can't wait to start vacation. These games mean little, other than preparing for Tuesday. And those preparations should include the big man who wears No. 22.

Get Sano out there. Let's go.

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