The Twins salvaged Sunday’s game of an otherwise disappointing three-game series with the Angels, capping a 6-5 homestand that started with four wins in five games but veered into frustration.

Their season record now sits at 28-34, and they’re in that awkward space in the standings: on the fringes of a division race in the weak AL Central, 5.5 games behind Cleveland (and a half-game still behind Detroit). The wild card is an even tougher proposition.

The next six weeks should be interesting. And even if they aren’t that interesting, they should bring some clarity.

Can the Twins get their act together with a consistent stretch that makes them seem like more than just marginal contenders for a division title, or will their season continue on this disappointing track and turn them into major sellers at the trade deadline — with guys like Brian Dozier and Lance Lynn dealt away as rentals?


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