There's just 10 days left in Rochester's season, unless the Red Wings make the playoffs.

So it seems strange that the Twins would send Jose Berrios and Tyler Duffey down this late in the season. But they did.

Have they determined that things are moving too fast for the young righthanders? That what they claim. Are they trying to send a message? Perhaps. Are they fed up with losing and want to send a message that what's been going on will not be tolerated? Not sure.

But we have seen Duffey's emotions get the best of him and Berrios, after putting up sparkling numbers in the minors, failed to command his pitches up here.

Twins manager Paul Molitor was asked after the announcement why send Berrios down instead of working with him up here? (Especially since Bert Blyleven has started helping out).

``You remember the Buxton conversations?'' Molitor responded.

That's a reference to us asking him about Buxton's progress during the season. And Buxton was sent down when the coaching staff determined that the outfielder's head was spinning and he needed to take a step back.

They are closer to the players than anyone else, and it's possible they have seen frustration and confusion that we don't see when we're in the clubhouse.

``You're not doing him any favors right now and you still have to try to protect your team,'' Molitor said of Berrios. ``For him right now (it's) backing off of the pressure and trying to implement some of the things he's working on in a less stressful environment.

``I love getting guys experience. Especially where we are where we are. But it becomes a point where it doesn't seem like the right thing.''

The Twins better be right. They are in the middle of a run of prospects that can turn the program around. Buxton, Berrios. Duffey, Miguel Sano, Max Kepler, Jorge Polanco. Stephen Gonsalves, Tyler Jay, Nick Burdi, Kohl Stewart and I'll even throw in Nick Gordon. Buxton and Berrios have been sent down twice this year. Sano is trying to break out of a slump. Eddie Rosario has nine walks. Heck, Kyle Gibson hasn't taken that next step.

The Twins are on pace to lose 99-100 games this season. The only way for fans to take these beatings is if there are prospects developing who will make teams pay for these beatdowns.

If the Twins think that 10 days in the minors will help, fine. They just better be right.

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