The Timberwolves have the 27th most valuable franchise at $1.26 billion, according to Forbes, which released its annual valuations of NBA franchises on Wednesday.

The Wolves may rank toward the bottom of the league in terms of overall value, but the $1.26 billion figure represents a 19 percent increase from a season ago and is nearly $1 billion more than the franchise's value in 2010.

The Knicks are the most valuable franchise at $4 billion, followed by the Lakers at $3.7 billion.

Of the Wolves' overall value, $727 million comes from what Forbes terms the "portion of franchise's value attributable to revenue shared among all teams."

A significant chunk of that comes from the TV deals the league has with ESPN and TNT, and the collective bargaining agreement struck in 2011 also helped, cutting the percentage of basketball-related income that goes to the players from 57 percent to 51 percent, Forbes said.