Thin NewtonsNabisco's Oreo-cloning machine has slowed recently. It seems to have produced only two additional flavors of Oreo Fudge Cremes, the cookies consisting of just one of the two Oreo wafers in a regular Oreo, topped with some filling and then coated in "fudge." (In addition to the original version and its mint offspring -- which Mr. Tidbit avers gives Girl Scout Thin Mints a run for the money -- there are only new Golden, in which a vanilla Golden Oreo cookie replaces the standard Oreo wafer, and even-newer Peanut Butter Creme, featuring a regular Oreo cookie and peanut butter creme filling.)

Taking up the slack in the Nabisco new-product department are Newtons Fruit Thins, single-layer cookies released with four flavors right off the bat: fig and honey, blueberry brown sugar, cranberry citrus oat and chocolate raspberry. Imagine a round graham cracker with a little oatmeal in its family tree (although the word "oat" appears in only one favor name, there are rolled oats in all four varieties), with tiny bits of dried fruit scattered in.

Notwithstanding anything implied by the name Newtons, or anything that the shading of the bitten-out area of the cookie illustration on the bag might suggest, these are not cookies with a filling or a filling layer or anything else involving the word "fill." Just crisp graham-oat cookies with tiny bits of fruit.

All that said, Mr. Tidbit -- not much of a fruit guy, and a filling man if ever there was one -- found to his surprise that he kind of liked Newtons Fruit Thins. Go figure.

Chopped potatoesThere's now a Betty Crocker presence in the frozen-food aisle: Betty Crocker Quicksides chopped skin-on baked potatoes.

Quicksides carry a Teton Valley Ranch logo (because until recently they were Teton Valley Ranch Baked Potato Quicksides). They are made with your choice of five varieties: broccoli and Cheddar, bacon and Cheddar, sour cream and chive, red potato and Loaded Baked Potato (with bacon, Cheddar, sour cream and chives).