KNOW THIS had a fun feature of artsy billboard pitches all 30 NBA teams could make to LeBron James. The one for the Wolves read "Wolves don't need rest," a tribute to James' iron man season and Tom Thibodeau's thirst for starters who can log heavy minutes.


Russia and Saudi Arabia are the two lowest-ranked teams in the entire World Cup. That's a strange way to kick off the monthlong event, but that's the opener Thursday (10 a.m., Ch. 9).


"I hope the Twins organization is first in line to sign the raccoon that climbed the USB building to a contract. His hand and wrist strength must be off the charts — serious bat control — and intestinal fortitude."

"nshore" commenting on


Brian Dozier in 'close and late' spots:

2014 - .177 AVG

2015 - .229 AVG

2016 - .177 AVG

2017 - .176 AVG

2018 - .159 AVG

Career - .195 AVG

Not only is his .195 AVG the worst in Twins history, it's the worst in MLB history among all players with at least as many plate appearances."