The three Bald Eagle chicks being raised in front of a DNR video camera are alive and active as of March 30. There is, however, an obvious size difference -- small, medium, and large. The size range can be seen in the photo. Facial development gives good clue as to growth. The largest chick has the darkest face, the smallest the The chick being fed is the largest, and during my 10-minutes of viewing today it received probably 80 percent of the food the adult offered. That chick finally turned away, perhaps full. The bird in the middle was being fed less often. It became occupied with a long piece of grass extending from its mouth. It appeared to either trying to swallow it or dislodge it, consequently missed most of the food offerings. I didn't see resolution. The chick prone in the front is obviously smalller. That chick received food only when its larger siblings had no interest in eating.