Jacobs Marketing has been sold to the Stable for an undisclosed price in a deal that combines two Minneapolis-based marketing agencies.

Jacobs, founded in Minneapolis by Duane Jacobs in 1982, is best known for its retail marketing muscle and activating hundreds of well-known brands for Target Corp. Its 55 employees and its data analytics and account management services will be folded into the Stable, which in addition to Minneapolis includes offices in Seattle, Austin and Bentonville, Ark.

“Adding Jacobs’ unmatched analytics and category management to The Stable’s platform will provide a holistic solution for Target, our clients, and our teams,” said Jacobs President Jackie Gibney, who will become chief relationship officer at the Stable. “This acquisition was made with the changing behaviors of consumers in mind, and our clients’ needs to respond quickly.”

Buying Jacobs is the latest deal for fast-growing Stable agency, which was founded in 2015. Earlier this month it bought the e-commerce tech firm RichContext, which boasts an array of clients such as General Mills, Kimberly-Clark, Hasbro and Johnson & Johnson. Seven months ago it merged with Kreative Sales & Marketing, a retail marketing agency with clients such as Costco, Walmart and Sam’s Club.

In buying Jacobs, the Stable not only broadens its retail reach in Minneapolis but also gains new data-analytic capabilities and a proprietary service that helps brand managers make decisions and better understand consumer behavior and the impact of specific store locations, while also boosting retail sales.