Here are some of Dr. Dale Anderson's tips for acting happy.

Posture. Presenting yourself in an upbeat way is very important. To avoid slumping while walking, take three steps backward. Your body will instinctively adjust its alignment, raising your head, neck and shoulders.

Eyes. Keep them open wide and searching.

Face. Smile. Keep your forehead and cheeks up. Strive to appear radiant and alert.

Thoughts. Focus on being aware of what's going on around you, searching, exploring and connecting.

Behavior. Do something that makes you feel better, like going for a walk or calling an old friend. "Lead with actions and your emotions will follow."

Environment. Turn on upbeat music. Surround yourself with pleasing aromas. Wear bright colors. Red ("a splash will energize us") and yellow are his favorites. "These are the colors you will see on stage for a fun character."

Get out of the rut. Take a new route to work. Sit in a different chair at the dinner table. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand. "Welcome new, novel and challenging encounters."

Laugh. He "prescribes" belly laughing for 15 seconds three times a day. Don't worry if you feel silly doing it. On the contrary, you can get a good laugh out of that, too.

More information. Anderson has a website, He also conducts periodic seminars at the Lakeshore Players Theatre in White Bear Lake and J. Arthur's Coffee in Roseville.

Jeff Strickler