October Chrysler Financial pulls Hecker's credit lines. He bounces checks, lets payroll and worker health insurance lapse.

November Hecker sues Chrysler, sells some car dealerships.

December Hecker-owned Advantage Rent-A-Car files for bankruptcy.


April 28 Chrysler Financial wins $476.9 million judgment.

June 4 Hecker files personal bankruptcy. Claims $767 million in debt.

June 17 FBI and state raid Hecker's homes and offices.

June 23 IRS demands $2.6 million in back taxes, puts liens on all Hecker properties.

July Hecker sued for hiding assets from bankruptcy court.

December 17 Denny and Tamitha Hecker divorce.


February Hecker and former employee Steve Leach indicted for defrauding Chrysler Financial. Both plead not guilty.

Feb. 17 Bankruptcy judge won't forgive Hecker's $80 million debt to Chrysler Financial.

March 3 Hecker's ex- father-in-law shoots himself after being accused of helping Hecker hide assets. He dies March 4.

March 9 Hecker indicted again, faces 18 new fraud charges.

March 12 Hecker abandons bankruptcy case, still owes more than $400 million.

April 9 Girlfriend Christi Rowan charged with criminal fraud.

April 12 Court appoints Hecker a defense attorney at taxpayer expense.

June Hecker gets windfall of insurance money, begins spending spree.

Sept. 7 Hecker pleads guilty to two counts of criminal fraud.

Sept. 22 Bankruptcy trustee sues Hecker and Rowan for stealing $124,000 in Prudential Insurance money.

Oct. 18 Hecker jailed for not disclosing cash he received.


Feb. 11 Hecker sentenced to 10 years in federal prison.