Ryan Pressly pitching.

Josh Reddick walked.

Jose Altuve was hit by a pitch, Reddick to second.

Carlos Correa singled to right, Reddick scored, Altuve to third.

Carlos Beltrán hit an infield single to shortstop, Correa to second.

Brian McCann popped out to second baseman Brian Dozier.

Marwin González singled to the left field wall , Altuve scored, Correa scored, Beltrán to second.

Craig Breslow pitching for Pressly.

Alex Bregman singled to right, Beltrán to third, Ma.González to second.

Evan Gattis pinch-hitting for Nori Aoki.

Gattis grounded into fielder's choice, shortstop Jorge Polanco to second baseman Dozier, Beltrán scored, Ma.González to third, Bregman out.

Jake Marisnick pinch-running for Gattis.

George Springer singled to left with a 10-minute rain delay midway through his at-batt, González scored, Marisnick to second.

Reddick doubled to center, Marisnick scored, Springer scored.

Matt Belisle pitching for Breslow.

On Belisle's balk, Reddick to third.

Altuve singled to right, Reddick scored. Correa walked, Altuve to second.

Beltrán homered to right on a 2-2 count, Altuve scored, Correa scored.

McCann flied out to left fielder Adrianza.

11 runs, 8 hits