From the Star Tribune Editorial Board on Thanksgiving Day 2022:

Be thankful for good food and good people to share it with. Be mindful of those who may have neither, and reach out to them.

Be thankful for the absence of political discussion at your gathering — or for its presence, as comfort levels allow. Either is good! Be mindful that many differences among people begin with how they take in and process information.

Be thankful for the warm, dry, pleasant indoor spaces where you gather with family and friends. Be mindful of those who don't have places to call home and of what we must do to help them in from the cold.

Be thankful for those close to home and those who traveled long distances to gather this Thanksgiving. Be mindful of the sacrifices of those serving our country in uniform or as diplomats who cannot gather at their families' tables today.

Be thankful for your turkey dinner, specifically, if that's the centerpiece of your menu. Be mindful that 2022 has been one of the country's worst years for the incidence of bird flu and that more than 50 million broiler chickens and turkeys were fatally infected or culled.

Be thankful for the overflowing table of food, if you have it. Be mindful of the waste produced by this joyful meal (and all meals), and consider composting food waste when possible.

Be thankful for the natural beauty of Minnesota and all the ways we get to enjoy the outdoors. Be mindful of the stewardship required to maintain it.

Be thankful for Minnesota's abundant water resources, especially as we watch a historic drought drain rivers and reservoirs in the American West. Be mindful of the responsibilities inherent in this blessing — protecting our waterways from exploitation and degradation so that future generations can thrive.

Be thankful for each new day's opportunity to live a bit more fully, more thoughtfully, and more charitably. Be mindful that everyone you meet bears some burden you cannot see.

Be thankful for the prosperity and abundance most Americans enjoy and celebrate today, despite the pinch of inflation and fears of recession. Be mindful that, all the same, severe want persists in our land and on every continent.

Be thankful for the warm welcome shown to Ukrainian refugees, particularly from front-line allies in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. Be mindful that the global refugee crisis is at a postwar high, and that climate-change migration will necessitate more open arms worldwide.

Be thankful that the 2022 midterm elections inspired relatively little strife over vote-counting and declaring outcomes, and that American democracy proved resilient once again. Be mindful that bitter divisions between urban and rural voters, and among racial, cultural and economic communities, continue to stress democracy's health.

Be thankful for the steady leadership, pragmatic problem-solving and uncompromising work ethic of departing Minnesota Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm. Be mindful of the need to find someone equally talented to fill this vital role in the years to come.

Be thankful that women in Minnesota continue to have autonomy over their bodies, protected by this state's Constitution. Be mindful that many others have lost that right, and work to have it restored.

Be thankful that many supply chain issues caused by the pandemic have eased. Be mindful that a possible strike threatens progress, now that four of the nation's 12 rail labor unions have rejected a contract mediated by the Biden administration.

Be thankful to live in a nation that has made tremendous gains in race relations — a place where equity, anti-bias and fairness are important goals and values for many. Be mindful that a minority in our society actively works against that progress by promoting hatred and division.

Be thankful for the children in our lives. Be mindful of the world we will leave to them.

Be thankful for the gift of another Thanksgiving. In whatever form your day takes, it is a time to cherish family and friends, whether near or far. Be mindful of those less fortunate or isolated. Reach out to the newcomer, be generous with your time and treasure.

The Editorial Board is thankful for the service of Star Tribune Publisher Mike Klingensmith as he nears retirement, for the continuing privilege of sharing our views, and for the responsibility of curating a forum for the opinions of others. We pledge to remain mindful that our readers and advertisers make our work possible.