There might not really be a day the music died, but there is a place the music dies. Via the BMI, which stands for Broadcast Music Inc., and not something gross, you sickos:

The three top songs among individual sports illustrate the timeless nature of sports anthems. Claiming the top spot for another year, “We Will Rock You” was written by Brian May, legendary guitarist for British rock group Queen, who released it 34 years ago. The most-played jam at National Hockey League (NHL) games is “Twilight Zone,” released nearly 20 years ago by Phil Wilde and Jean-Paul DeCoster, of the Belgian-Dutch group 2 Unlimited. The preferred anthem of Major League Baseball (MLB) teams is “Car Wash,” written by Norman Whitfield and performed by Christina Aguilera with Missy Elliott. The original version of “Car Wash” was released in a movie soundtrack of the same title in 1976 by the group Rose Royce.

Image of the top 10 below. Your jabs below that, in the comments.