Let's be clear: Any John Daly story is 40 percent just about finding a file photo of his pants. But this one is extra-special. Via Pro Golf Talk:


Playing the 4th hole – his 13th hole of the day – at TPC Deere Run in the second round of the John Deere Classic, Daly hit his tee shot well to the right and into an area of heavy native grass. Instead of taking an unplayable lie that may have helped him, Daly tried to be like Na and extricate his ball from the grass with a golf club and brute strength.

From there, the story got murky. Daly took a lot whacks at the ball, barely moving it from its original position. Eventually, though, Daly took a penalty shot, dropped and hit hit ball into a greenside bunker. From there, he got out of the bunker and took two-putts.

After the hole, according to PGA Tour officials, he told playing partner Todd Hamilton to “put him down for an 18.” So that number showed up on the PGA Tour’s website. It was a shocking number.

Not too long after, though, the number was revised down seven shots to 11. Daly had an opportunity to take full count of the shots he hit. Then, a little later, Daly tacked on an extra two shots to settle on taking 13 shots to play his 13th hole of the day.

Daly, by the way, made an 18 several years ago on the tour.

We played golf earlier today. We did not shoot anything worse than a 7 on any hole. We did not wear those pants. We do not have the internal organs of a 200-year-old. We are not John Daly.