Kevin Love -- when he's not giving away stuff -- has started working out in earnest for the three-point competition at the NBA All-Star weekend. Love is shooting just 36.1 percent from long-distance this year after connecting at a 41.7 percent clip a year ago, but he has made some big-time threes -- including the one pictured against the Clippers.


One thing we discovered in thinking about the competition is that Love is slated to be the first-ever Wolves player to participate (link is to Wikipedia, but this fact was also confirmed by the Wolves). We're not talking about a team that has had a lot of gifted marksmen -- Wally S. and The Mayor come to mind -- but given their two-decade-plus history that was still a surprise to learn.

Just another franchise milestone, we suppose.

*Also note that Clearance Clarence makes a triumphant return tomorrow.

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