First, U.S. curler John Shuster, quoted by the Associated Press. Marthaler demanded a pound of flesh, but we'll just let this slide on out there:

"I've always said everything happens for a reason and for some reason it just apparently isn't meant to be," Shuster said. "If it was meant to be we'd be 3-1 right now instead of 0-4, having shots to win all of those games. We made those shots to get here, so it's disappointing."


And now, Stu ends the day with a compilation of Glorious Randomness that ends the way Marthaler wants it to end. Stu, you have the floor:



Item: in a world where Minnesotans are falling all over themselves to claim Vail, Col., resident Lindsey Vonn as ONE OF US, it’s more than a little disturbing that so few have mentioned that Jane Skinner, Fox News anchor and wife of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, is also ONE OF US. By which I mean she started her broadcast career at KBJR in Duluth, but no matter: ONE OF US! ONE OF US! Additional OOU cred: one of her co-workers on Fox’s Happening Now program (not to be confused with the Fred “Rerun” Berry vehicle What’s Happening Now!!) is former KSTP anchor Harris Faulkner.
Item: due to the fact that I really wanted to reference the 1936 Union Party Presidential candidacy of OOU William Lemke, I neglected to mention in my Mark Lemke Hunt Down that the former Atlanta infielder was the inspiration for the name of Homestar Runner, a popular internet cartoon series. As noted at the link, a friend of the cartoon’s creators who knew nothing about baseball referred to Lemke as the “homestar runner for the Braves.” This friend, Jamey Huggins, is a member of the decidedly strange rock band Of Montreal, who changed the lyrics of their best song, “Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games” and made it into an Outback Steakhouse jingle.
Item: much internet sport has been made of the US Men’s Curling team and its lack of Clutchosity, particularly that of the squad’s skip (THE MORE YOU KNOW: that’s a curling position), Chisholm native and OOU John Shuster.   Given their performance when it matters most, I would caution against using any of their recent promotional items.