Via ESPNDallas:

Fans displaced by seating issues for Sunday night's Super Bowl get another chance next year.

The 400 people without seats will be "guests of the NFL" at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, commissioner Roger Goodell said on Monday. The fans also received triple the face value of their 2011 tickets, which is $2,400, free merchandise, food and beverages, and were allowed to go on the field at Cowboys Stadium after the game.

Goodell said the problems with the seats were "obviously a failure on our behalf," and the league takes responsibility.

While we can appreciate that the NFL is trying to make amends, ultimately there isn't a way to fully do so. Imagine the Vikings had gone to, and won this year's Super Bowl -- as so many of us predicted they had a good chance of doing, instead of the Packers. Imagine you had a ticket to that game, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Would you be placated by getting money and a trip to next year's Super Bowl between two unknown teams (likely not the Vikings, given their "all-in" declaration for 2010)?

Seriously. Nothing can make up for thinking you are going to have a seat for the Super Bowl and then not having one.