The new field has been installed at TCF Bank Stadium, with the hydronic heating system beneath it. If you look at the @TCFBankStadium Twitter page, you can see the difference in how the field looked before and after the renovation to accommodate the Vikings for the next two years.

As of today, the markings were fairly generic, with no logo at midfield and the word "MINNESOTA" in gold letters with white trim in the end zones. Here's the latest look from the @GopherFootball feed.

A Gophers spokesman clarified the plans. The Gophers' historic Block 'M' will be back on the field soon, with Coach Jerry Kill getting ready to host numerous camps. The Block 'M' will be there for every Gophers game, and the Big Ten logos will be back at the 25-yard lines. The wider, NCAA hash marks will be down.

The Vikings will have their traditional Norseman logo at midfield for their games, with NFL logos at the 25-yard lines and the narrower hash marks.

The end zone plans are still undecided. There is some flexibility built into the contract for those markings. The green portions around the word "MINNESOTA" can be painted maroon for the Gophers, and purple for the Vikings, but they also could stay with this neutral look for both teams. That would be less work, and of course, less expensive.

Maintenance crews could also paint the white trim around the gold letters maroon or purple, but whatever gets painted needs to be restored to neutral for the other team. If the Vikings add purple paint to the end zones, they have to scrub it clean or restore it to the neutral setting for the Gophers, and vice versa.

But it's clear in the contract that this is the Gophers' field and that the Vikings have to restore it with the Block 'M' and neutral end zones after each game. So on non-game days, if a recruit or booster visits the stadium, they'll have that reminder that this is an NCAA field with an NFL tenant.