Alcohol is a popular subject around here.

So when I reported earlier this week that Target is planning to put liquor stores in 10 of the 28 stores around the Twin Cities that it is remodeling this year (part of a $250 million investment), there were inevitably questions about which stores would get them.

I have a partial list to share. So far, Target has gotten the go ahead to add them to their stores in Chanhassen, Woodbury, Blaine and Maple Grove. 

Target has to apply for liquor licenses from the municipalities for these separate Wine & Spirits stores that are built into its big-box stores, but have a separate entrance from the outside in accordance with Minnesota law. Stay tuned for more stores to be added to the list as Target gets the approvals for them.

The Minneapolis-based retailer sells alcohol in about 1,400 of its 1,800 stores nationwide but only started doing so in Minnesota in 2014. Target now has nine liquor stores in the Twin Cities.

So what's driving the change? Well, beer and wine sales have been a fast-growing business for Target while some of its other categories, especially its overall grocery department, have been struggling.

Not only has Target been adding the liquor stores in Minnesota, but it's also been adding more shelf space for adult beverages, and in some cases remodeling that department, in hundreds of other stores around the U.S.

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