A sign in the window of Tina Rexing's bakery-cafe

Tina Rexing, owner of T-Rex Cookie and bakery-café in Southeast Minneapolis, did record business on Saturday, Jan. 21, the day of womens’ march to protest the President Trump inauguration that drew millions in dozens of locales around the country.

Rexing hosted an after-event luncheon that Saturday and a related event on Sunday, Jan. 28.  And it helps to be on the convenient Green Line that runs along University Avenue from Minneapolis to the state capitol.

“That was so much fun,” Rexing said of the busy Saturday after Trump’s inauguration. “We sold more in three hours than I usually do in three days. There was a lot of good energy. And a line out the door. I donated a portion of my sales to "Women's March Minnesota.'”

Rexing was a 20-year business-IT manager and economics graduate who formally started T-Rex in 2015 when her love for baking overwhelmed her weariness for corporate life. The energetic marketer got the word out that she was hosting marchers on Saturday and letter-writers on Sunday for as long as the cookies, coffee and muffins held out.

Rexing, 44, also an immigrant, disliked Trump’s sometimes-ugly campaign rhetoric. And millions have protested what they perceive as his anti-immigrant stances. A sign in T-Rex's  window says: "All Are Welcome Here" in several languages. And she's not the only restaurateur to benefit from Trump.

Trump, 70, inherited his father’s real estate empire only to lose much of it to bankruptcy. He built fame, fortune and in-your-face controversy in recent years as host of TV-show “The Apprentice,” and as a developer of skyscrapers and luxury resorts, and various Trump-branded products.

Trump has bragged to mixed reviews so far that he will be good for small business.

Rexing also plans to feature a Trump sandwich that she says will be “a ripoff.”

It spins off what Trump’s critics dubbed his “Make America [White] Again” campaign.

It will cost $10 for a slice of bologna and American cheese on white bread, served with a small pickle.

“There will be a 50 percent discount for immigrants,” Rexing said.

Rexing, a Republican, supported Republican Sen. Marco Rubio for president. She voted for Hillary Clinton.

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