Each week, commenter Stu tracks down a former Twin Cities sports figure. Sometimes, he does it twice! Stu?


The Hunt Down (Remix)

Name: Donald Igwebuike
Back story: in September 2007, when the country came together as one to “Crank That” with hip-hop artist Soulja Boy, the Hunt Down checked in on the former Vikings placekicker and Nigerian soccer legend.
What We Said Then: “Perhaps better known for an Embarrassing Off-Field Incident® involving allegations of heroin trafficking that same year. Was found not guilty, but he never kicked in the NFL again.” There are also weak potshots against the CFL and the Iraq War if you want to read further for some reason. Not my best effort.
What We Know Now: Thanks to the Jeff Johnson and David J. Roth, writers of the sublime Physically Unable to Perform football column at GQ.com, we now know that the Donald Igwebuike Kicking Academy offers private, 1-on-1 lessons for aspiring kickers and punters. So, if you live near Silver Spring, Maryland, or will make “proper arrangements,” you can learn at the foot of Donald Igwebuike. (Side note/cheap shot: Peter King would like to let Chris Kluwe know that directional punting is covered.)
Is He On Twitter: there is a @donaldigwebuike account, but it’s not verified and follows most of the Kissing Suzy Kolber degenerates, so I am skeptical.
Glorious Randomness: in other obscure former Vikings news, 1987 11th-round draft pick Brent Pease has been named the new offensive coordinator at the University of Florida.
Proprietor Note: We're not 100 percent sure this is the first two-time Hunt Down selection, but if so it makes us very happy that the honor goes to a Vikings placekicker.