Every week, commenter RandBallsStu (branding!) tracks down a former Minnesota sports figure about whom you might have otherwise forgotten. Stu?


The Hunt Down

Name: Javon Walker
Claim to Fame, Minnesota: had a cup of coffee with the Vikings at the tail end of the 2010 preseason when all the wide receivers were hurt. He was released prior to the start of the regular season.
Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: a 2002 first-round pick out of Florida State for the Green Bay Packers, Walker became a dominant receiver for the franchise. After a Pro Bowl 2004 season, Walker attempted to renegotiate his deal, but the club and GM Ted Thompson, in a harbinger of increasingly lost seasons to come, classlessly refused to do so. Walker honorably ended his holdout for the good of a team that had turned its back on him. Unfortunately for Walker, his stint there would become most noteworthy for shredding his knee in the first game of the 2005 season. He never played another down for the organization, as he was traded the following offseason to Denver. Unfortunately for Walker, his stint there would become most noteworthy for being next to Darrent Williams when Williams was shot. After his release from the Broncos, he signed a free agent deal with Oakland. Unfortunately for Walker, his stint there would become most noteworthy for getting robbed and beaten in Las Vegas prior to the 2008 season. 
Where He Is Now: was attempting an NFL comeback last fall, but nothing appears to have come of it.
Is He on Twitter: he was allegedly @play_maker84, but that account has ceased to be. The archived pictures seem to be legit.
Has He Ever Been in a Twitter Feud with Patrick Reusse: no
Glorious Randomness: having documented all the unfortunate things that have befallen Walker, we should note that he opened a Pinkberry frozen yogurt outlet in Houston in 2011. Frozen yogurt is delicious.