The Stratasys' 3-D printing magic that has graced runways, printed $60,000 haute couture dresses and extruded stunningly whimsical shoes, is now turning its attention to your face. Think funky eyeglasses that just may turn heads. 

Wednesday, Safilo - the world’s second-largest eyewear producer - announced it is now using Stratasys' J750 full color, multi-material 3-D printer to produce "photorealistic" eyeglass frames.

The 3-D printing device is able to make the frames 60 percent faster than with traditional prototyping methods, company officials said. That's expected to keep costs in check, but shoot daring fashion capabilities off the runway.

The move is the latest fashion application for Stratasys, which is dually based in Eden Prairie and Rehovot, Israel and much better known for its industrial manufacturing prowess. But when fashion calls, one must answer.

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