Who needs Paul Douglas, Sven Sundgaard or Rob Marciano when pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline appears to be able to predict the weather? In a week where it hit 70 degrees on Tuesday in the Twin Cities and an early spring is likely, Flonase allergy nasal spray is advertised in the major circulars this week.

It's featured in the circular for Walgreen's, Wal-Mart, CVS, Target, and Costco. Funny thing, it's not really on sale, except at Costco. Ever since the nasal spray went over-the-counter and lost its Rx status, it was been advertised for about $14 for a bottle with 60 sprays and $23 for a bottle with 120 sprays.

It's also the week when GSK puts coupons in Sunday's Red Plum coupon insert for $2 and $4. which all the circular ads reference. But Costco members  can buy it at $13.33 per bottle of 120 sprays (package of 3) through March 28 without a manufacturer's coupon. Even non-members can still save $5 per bottle ordering through Costco.com and paying a 5% surcharge.

Those with prescription drug insurance may be able to save even more ordering the generic fluticasone propionate at a pharmacy, but you'll need a dr's prescription for it.

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