San Antonio's new injury report out this afternoon lists star forward Kawhi Leonard out for tomorrow night's crucial game against the Wolves.



Leonard has played just nine games this year -- and not since mid-January because of a quadriceps injury.

Without him, the Spurs this afternoon are hanging onto the West's eighth and final playoff spot while the Wolves have moved back into fifth place after beating Golden State and Washington consecutively.

The Spurs have won consecutive games after beating New Orleans at home Thursday night, but lost five of six games before that.

If the Wolves win Saturday, they'll essentially win their fifth season series against teams they're battling for the playoffs.

They're already 3-0 against the Clippers with one game left, 4-0 against New Orleans, 3-1 against Oklahoma City and 2-1 with one to play against Utah, but they've already run the second tiebreaker (divisional record) if the Jazz win the season's final meeting between the teams on Easter night.

If the Spurs win, they'll win the series 2-1 against a Wolves team that 11-16 against the East but 29-13 against the West, including 9-4 against Northwest Division opponents.

The Spurs, by the way, haven't missed out on the playoffs in 20 years.

That's back when Tom Thibodeau was an assistant coach with the Knicks.

"When you look at the Spurs, one of the main reasons why they've been able to endure for us long, they play great defense and they play unselifsh offensively," he said after the Wolves practiced today in San Antonio. "They play for each other and they're not worried about how minutes someone is getting or how many shots. They just worry about winning. That's what winning teams do."