Introduction: Host Michael Rand takes a spin through his list of the 25 best Timberwolves players of all-time. Was it a difficult task? Yes. Were there some snubs? Maybe. Was there a surprise with the No. 1 player? Um, no.

9:00: Columnist Chip Scoggins joins the show to provide insight into his latest Football Across Minnesota column and to share some opinions about the Gophers football team, the Wolves and the Wild. Scoggins and Rand talked about the Gophers' overpowering performance on both sides of the line of scrimmage on Saturday, Anthony Edwards' continuing evolution as a leader for the Wolves and the Wild's promising start thanks to much better team speed.

27:00: Rand takes note of two more Eddie Rosario hits in Game 1 of the World Series — another win for Atlanta and another game that took four-plus hours. And a Gophers women's basketball recruiting nugget that should give you hope for the future.

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