Sleep Number rang the opening bell for Nasdaq on Monday morning and used the opportunity to announce a new commitment to help 1 million youth by 2025 to achieve better sleep.

Sleep Number executives surprised four kids from the Bronx Boys & Girls Club on Monday with donationsof new Sleep Number Beds after ringing th Opening Bell.

Sleep Number surprised four kids from the Bronx Boys & Girls Club on Monday with donations of Sleep Number beds.

“Sleep Number’s mission is to improve lives by individualizing sleep experiences. We are excited to help over one million young people achieve life-changing sleep through our products and sleep expertise,” said Shelly Ibach, president and CEO of Sleep Number in a statement.

Sleep Number through their Sleep IQ technology has an ever-increasing database of customer sleep data to draw on. They’ll use that data and research to help inform youths and teens of their sleep habits and to teach them how to achieve better quality sleep.

The Minneapolis-based company will partner with three national nonprofit organizations that are focused on youth health and wellness. GENYOUth, Alliance for Healthier Generation and Good360, based in New York, Portland, Ore. and Alexandria, Va. Respectively. As part of Sleep Number’s social mission to improve the sleep habits of youth through research and data sharing, training and advocacy and product donations.

 “For more than a decade, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation has helped thousands of schools nationwide ensure their kids are eating better and moving more,” said Howell Wechsler, Healthier Generation’s chief executive. “Together with Sleep Number, we can now help students achieve better quality sleep, which, as research has shown, positively impacts their overall health, well-being, and academic achievement.”

For individuals and families whose lives are disrupted by natural disasters or other events the lack of quality sleep in the aftermath of those events can contribute to and prolong their suffering.

Sleep Number has also partnered with Good360, a nonprofit organization that helps coordinate the donation of goods to individuals and families affected by disasters and other events, with a long-term recovery project.   “Sleep Number recently improved the lives of families affected by Hurricane Harvey partnering with Good360 to donate 1 million dollars of Sleep Number beds and bedding,” said Howard Sherman, Good360 chief executive. “Sleep Number’s donation of new beds provided survivors with much needed quality sleep and a sense of renewed possibility.”

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