Q: Is it OK to ask guests to get a COVID-19 test before coming to your event?

A: It would be asking a lot of your invitees to get tested for the virus before coming to your event, and even if they agree to do so, it's not guaranteed to prevent the spread of the disease at your function.

Besides, it raises all sorts of questions: How would you verify that they took the test and that the results were negative? What if some invitees were tested a week before the event and the results were negative, but then they were exposed to the virus after the test? If some guests don't get the test results in time for the party, would you tell them they can't attend? And if there is a cost for the test, who pays for it, you or your invitees?

Instead of demanding tests, state in the invitation that you will be following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health agency recommendations, and ask your guests to do the same, including washing or sanitizing their hands, wearing a mask and socially distancing.

Make sure there is enough space to allow people to be at least 6 feet apart. You should also have some disposable masks and bottles of hand sanitizer available. If you still feel nervous about the possibility of the virus being spread despite taking those steps, it might be best to postpone the function until you feel more comfortable hosting a group of people.

ARDEN CLISE, author of "Spinach in Your Boss's Teeth: Etiquette Essentials for Professional Success"

A: First off, ask yourself why you're having an event during a pandemic. Is it really something that can't be moved a few months? But if you really want to hold an event, you have to do it safely. To make that happen, you are well within your rights to ask your guests to get tested. If they don't want to, they don't have to come. I know this seems a little harsh, but it's 2020: It's your party and you can test if you want to.

CORRBETTE PASKO, actor and writer