This doesn't really qualify as a hot take on the part of Ricky Rubio since, as I'm fond of saying, the truth cannot be controversial.

But after the Jazz defeated the Lakers 117-110 on Tuesday — with Rubio scoring 31 points, dishing out eight assists and grabbing six rebounds — Rubio was asked about the difference between playing his first season in Utah and the previous six in Minnesota.

"Of course in Minnesota we had a lot of guys who can score and I was more passing the ball," Rubio said, per the Deseret News. "Here we play more as a team … and that fits my game better."

Rubio went on to say that he feels like this season with the Jazz is the best he's played in the NBA.

"A different system fits me better, and I'm playing better," he said.

Utah's offense under Quin Snyder emphasizes screens, cuts and drives, while the Wolves under Tom Thibodeau run more isolation plays and screen-and-roll actions.

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