Vinyl player never looked so good

Bob Marley's legacy lives on with the House of Marley line of audio products that are known for their principles of earth-friendliness. Their products are made from sustainable or recycled materials, and they are known for their outstanding build and sound quality.

The Stir It Up turntable is feature-packed, gorgeous and sounds wonderful.

The tone arm ships with an Audio Technica MM cartridge preinstalled, but there is an option to replace it with a better one. The turntable can play 45- and 33-rpm records.

The turntable's body is dominated by a bamboo top that is surrounded by a cloth called Rewind, made from hemp, cotton and recycled plastic.

The platter is made from recycled aluminum and even the slip mat and noise-isolating feet are made from recycled rubber.

Instead of a plastic dust cover the Stir It Up ships with a cloth cover made from the Rewind material.

There's a 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening, red and white RCA jacks for connecting to a stereo receiver and a USB port to connect to a computer and download the music if you want.

There's a reason that vinyl is making a comeback, and the Stir It Up is perfect for jumping in. It looks great, sounds great and is as good for the environment as they can make it.


GOtENNA $179 for two-pack

Device a modern day walkie-talkie

Amid back-to-back weeks of deadly hurricanes, people in danger zones have turned to apps and communication devices that they might have had little use for before.

One of those tools, Zello, climbed to the No. 1 spot in apps stores after Hurricane Harvey.

Now, a communication device that is used by military operators and disaster-relief workers is also gaining traction: goTenna Mesh. The company's CEO, Daniela Perdomo, said she saw a spike in sales as Irma approached.

Basically, goTenna is a modern-day walkie talkie.

Without cell or internet service, you can communicate within about a 4-mile radius (and can set up a more extensive network if you want) with someone else who also has a goTenna.

It works by connecting through Bluetooth to a smartphone app. The goTennas do use rechargeable 24-hour batteries, so users need to be aware of that aspect.