While there certainly have been "the sky is falling" moments of panic on the parts of Twins fans this season when the team had a lousy handful of games, this Twins season — at least measured one way — has been remarkably consistently average from start to finish.

That was the takeaway from an interesting graphic during Tuesday night's FSN broadcast.

For the nine completed 10-game chunks (per FSN and double-checked), the Twins have gone:

Games 1-10: 6-4; Games 11-20: 4-6; Games 21-30: 6-4; Games 31-40: 6-4; Games 41-50: 5-5; Games 51-60: 5-5; Games 61-70: 4-6; Games 71-80: 5-5; Games 81-90: 5-5.

After winning Wednesday, the Twins are now 2-2 in the first four games of the next set of 10.

The Twins also never have had more than a four-game winning streak (four times, including the first four games of the season) or a four-game losing streak (three times, most recently in mid-June).

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