Nathan A. Moch, as surety for Moch Holdings Bloomington LLC, Moch Holdings Chanhassen LLC, Moch Holdings Eden Prairie LLC, Moch Properties LLC, and Moch Holdings MN East LLC, doing business as Fantastic; 922 W. 22nd St., Minneapolis; filed May 31, 18-41822; Chap. 7; assets, $601,657; liabilities, $2,248,861.

Spectech Inc., 12918 Cardinal Creek Road, Eden Prairie; filed June 1, 18-41829; Chap. 7; assets, $0; liabilities, $123,337. Michael J. Kasbohm, president.

St. Paul

David J. DeBoer and Lisa M. DeBoer, doing business as DeBoer Farms; June 4, 18-31777; Chap. 12; Luverne, Minn.; assets, $1,810,262; liabilities, $1,832,684.