You might have noticed that there are a lot of teams bunched around the Gophers in the Big Ten standings right now.

What happens if some of them tie? Who gets the nod and the more favorable seed?

Currently the 6-9 standings look like this:

6. Minnesota 8-8
    Illinois 8-8

7. Iowa 7-9
    Purdue 7-9

Obviously if there ended up being any ties, head-to-head will be the first thing to give a team a lift. In the case of Illinois and Iowa, however, the Gophers have split the season series 1-1.

From there, the teams’ records against the No. 1 team in the conference would be looked at first, and then on down the line until one team separates itself.

Of course, both Illinois and Minnesota have had wins over Indiana – but the Illini played them just once, which means their record would ultimately trump the Gophers.

Illinois does have a much meatier final two games – at Iowa and at Ohio State – than the Gophers do, however.

A tie with Iowa – which has two home games against Illinois and Nebraska -- or Purdue -- which has Michigan and Minnesota --  would go in the Gophers' favor.

Depending on where the Gophers land they will either be playing Nebraska or Northwestern (the possible 10 and 11-seeds) or one of the other teams above who gets the 9 or 8-seed.