We recently brought you news and then a guest post on Michael Beasley's estate sale. We didn't think much could top that until @jeremynelson77, who clued us into the Beasley sale, dropped us a Twitter note yesterday about the upcoming Dark Star estate sale.


Now, this one comes with a heavier heart. Dark died a few months back and moved on to the great horse track in the sky, while Beasley has merely moved on to Phoenix. But still, knowing Dark even just a little, like we did, we imagine he would delight in having a bunch of folks show up and marvel at all of the crazy things he owned.

The sale is going on Sept. 8-10 -- next Saturday through Monday -- in Minneapolis. What exactly is there to buy? Per the listing, here are just some of the options:

Slot machines
Avatar pin ball machine
Coin operated games
Outstanding model boats and airplanes
20 cool vintage advertising clocks
Great contemporary lighting including full size sea light
Chrome binoculars on stand
100 professional team jackets and jerseys inc. autographed Stan Musial
M . Jordan signed and framed basketball and jersey
Numerous signed football helmets
20 signed bats inc. rare 91 "Twins" world series
200 signed balls, many by baseball greats
Signed gloves

That image is from the listing. We have no idea exactly what the function would be, but it looks like a must-have.