A while ago, when we first conceived of and actually executed the printing of RandBall T-shirts, we had the notion that RandBall Nation might wear the shirts when they embarked on various travels.

For quite some time, the well has been fairly dry. But that is all changing this week.

First up: The picture you see, which is Local Quipster and his special lady friend on a boat in Vietnam. He is quite clearly wearing the RandBall shirt, and we are quite clearly honored.

Next: We saw two more friends over the weekend the night before they were set to head to Vancouver for a few days of Olympic sightseeing. We brought them two of the three remaining RandBall shirts, and we eagerly await their dispatches and (hopefully) photos this week. (They will be in Vancouver from, we believe, Tuesday-Thursday).

As always, we welcome the trans-global spread of RandBallism and the good will that we hope is fostered via a goofy picture of us wearing sunglasses. If anyone is going to the World Cup, we have one more shirt with your name (or at least "Redacted") on it.